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        • 分類:浸滲設備
        • 發布時間:2022-01-11 20:31:49
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        全自動翻轉型浸滲設備,設備示意圖Automatic conversion infiltration equipment, equipment schematic diagram

        Suitable for: machining (multi-faceted threaded holes) oil stained castings and machining oil stained castings with threaded holes (M3 or more), the customer has no cleaning equipment and the product surface cleanliness should be high product infiltration

        設備特點 Features of equipment :

        1.采用超聲脫脂和翻轉噴淋系統,保證產品清洗比較干凈 Using ultrasonic degreasing and flip spray system to ensure the product clean

        2.采用真空干燥節省干燥時間,提供高生產效率和節拍 Vacuum drying saves drying time and provides high production efficiency and tempo

        3.采用六向離心脫液系統,能夠把產品六個面的螺紋孔中浸滲劑離心甩干,相比傳統四向離心脫液系統減少浸滲劑的消耗,節省成本,同時也為下一步的清洗提供有利的條件 The six-way centrifugal dehydrating system can centrifuge and dry the leachant in the threaded holes on six sides of the product. Compared with the traditional four-way centrifugal dehydrating system, it can reduce the consumption of leachant and save cost, and also provide favorable conditions for the next cleaning

        4.采用翻轉噴淋清洗系統,能夠把產品六個面的螺紋孔清洗干凈沒有殘夜,不再需要人工用氣槍吹螺紋孔殘液,由于人工吹不環保,人工氣槍吹不能保證每次都能吹到每個孔(視覺疲勞) Using the inverted spray cleaning system, can clean the screw holes on six sides of the product without residual night, no longer need to manually blow the screw hole residual liquid with an air gun, because artificial blowing is not environmentally friendly, artificial air gun blowing can not ensure that every time can blow to each hole (visual fatigue)

        5.設備投資稍大,節省人工很多,性價比非常高 Equipment investment is a little larger, save a lot of labor, cost performance is very high

        6.采用PLC和機械手臂全自動控制,減少人工成本 Adopt PLC and mechanical arm automatic control, reduce labor cost


        設備布局圖 Device layout diagram


        The company will continue to improve the production process and quality of products, and continue to develop new products to maintain market competitiveness. Is moving in the direction of the modern enterprise with time. "Sincere, pragmatic, high quality, efficient" for the purpose of the enterprise, dedicated to serve people from all walks of life.


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